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Yes! We accept article contributions for our website and newsletter.

Euro Travel Life is open to a limited number of guest posts each month.

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We accept articles that are about any topic to do with Travel around Europe. Content of the article must covey valuable how-to content (practical advice, tips, and know-how) in a fresh, approachable voice. If you can provide this kind of writing you will be most likely be accepted for publication.

Use the form below to contact us about the possibility of publishing your article.

Please include a link to your article in the form of a cloud accessible PDF such as a Google Drive or Dropbox link.

All guest posts on Euro Travel Life will be credited as guest post. You will receive your own authorship box on our site. We allow a maximum of 2 (two) outbound links per guest post that are relevant to the topic at hand. We don’t accept any affiliate or promotional links in guest posts. If you are doing an outreach campaign for your site read below the form.

Outreach Campaigns – Yes, We Love Them!

We are up to date with the latest methods that are used in the world of SEO.

We know outreach campaigns are being taught heavily by courses teaching how to build authority websites. Euro Travel Life has been around for much longer than you’d think. The concept was conceived by our owner over 10 years ago. Before the whole outreach idea became popular. So he is in the ‘know’ with what goes on. We are more than happy to help you if you want to guest post with us. We just ask you follow the rules.

So that being said there is no need to sugar coat anything and use some funny tactics you’ve been taught in a course. Just use the contact form above and mention that you are doing an outreach campaign. If we are a match and have a good article that helps our readers with good quality content on a topic then we will most likely accept your guest post.

What We Don’t Accept

We are frequently contacted with requests that do not line up with our values here at Euro Travel Life. Please do not submit your content if it matches any of the following. As it will be quite simply be ignored.

  • SEO stuffed articles
  • Poorly written content
    • Including spelling, grammar and structure.
  • Affiliate sales written content or any kind of promotion focused content
    • For example a content piece that really has no value to the reader and is stuffed with links to buy the product.
  • Content that is not to do with traveling within Europe