So you have two, three or four weeks in Europe for a quick break and a bit of fun. What should you do for a two weeks in Europe itinerary?

What do you do?

Where do you go?

How long do you spend in each place?

Instead of telling you that you should head out to this city because of this reason or that reason I’m just going to give you the rundown of the short trip I took with a few friends for a couple of weeks in Europe.


The first stop was good old London town. We did the typical things you would get up to when you are in London like see Big Ben and Parliament house. Headed over to the Trafalgar Square. We wandered down Regent street and Piccadilly Circus, walked across tower bridge and spent a lot of nights out on the town drinking. We always started our night at the Generator hostel as that was where we were staying at the time.


Berlin was a great stop also. We walked around the city quite a lot as it’s a great city to explore on foot or bike. The attractions we went to see were the East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial and Alexanderplatz.


Amsterdam is great for anyone no matter what the real ‘reason’ that you want to go to Amsterdam is. On this short trip Amsterdam was all about wandering around this city after sleeping in late. We didn’t really see much other that really going for random wanders that took us through the red light district, past the Anne Frank house and around all the canals.

Then the nights were full of pubs and clubs. If you are into your club music and good clubbing then Escape night club in Rembrandt Square on a Saturday night is what you want! If you want to chill out, relax, have a smoke, a toke and another smoke and then some more you want to head out to Club Smokey also in Rembrandt Square.


You might be thinking Estonia? Why Estonia! I did have a friend I went out to visit but that being said I highly recommend this small Baltic state to everyone reading this. You will land in Tallinn and you will want to head up to the old town where you will find Toompea Castle  looking out over the city.

As I was only there for a few hours before we drove into the middle of Estonia the only other thing we did was head out to a restaurant and wander around a little. I really recommend this especially in the old town as it’s like being sent back into the medieval days and is quite picturesque.

Now you might need to grab a cheap flight to get up to Estonia as it’s right up the top of Europe below Finland and next to Russia.


Next up was Bristol. I went to Bristol for only 2 days to catch up with some friends but I still got to see quite a lot of the town while I was there. If you’re doing a day trip from London you could easily extend that trip and head out to Bristol.

The main highlights were walking across the Clifton Suspension Bridge and really just walking around the town. It’s a very unique place that has a very ‘arty’ feel to it. It’s very old and what you would actually except old England to be like. Make sure you check out a few pubs and restaurants while you are in town as you will not find a shortage of them! A trip to Bristol in not complete without this.

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