So you know you are heading over to Europe for a holiday in Summer. So what’s the best places to go visit if you are chasing the sun?

Here are a few cities that are awesome for the Summer that you just can’t look past.

Barcelona, Spain

If you are going to be in Europe for August make sure you stop by Barcelona. You won’t find a better city to spend the summer in. The weather isn’t too hot and it’s not to humid. It’s more like being somewhere that is just… perfect.

When you are in Barcelona you won’t run out of things to do. There are countless beaches to relax on and large malls to shop at. If you want to see the sights then wander down La Rambla for a bit of entertainment.

Or how about seeing some of the worlds wildest architecture and checking out Sagrada Família, Park Güell and La Pedrera that were designed by Gaudí himself.

Take my advice and don’t skip over Barcelona!

Riga, Latvia

A little bit out of the way but well worth it if you get a cheap flight! Riga is in the Baltic region of Europe that has picture perfect weather in summer. The city itself is not a beach town but it’s only a few kilometers from the beach that is easily accessible.

In the town itself you will be able wander through the old town that seems to be preserved in a perfect state. Chill out on many of the various parks, wander along the canals and have a drink in one of the many beer gardens.

Being in the Eastern/Baltic region you will find that you will be up for a cheap visit even if you head to Riga in July or August but you will probably need to take a flight out to Latvia as the Baltic states are basically next to Russia. So it’s quite far away!

Crete, Greece

Another one that is out of the way but well worth a visit once you have finished your travels in Athens is Crete. Crete is the biggest island of Greece and closer to Africa than Europe. But it’s still easily accessible by a ferry from Athens.

You will find endless beaches of all types. There are countless islands to see in Greece and Crete is on of the popular ones for partying but you also have more secluded and private beaches so it’s a great mix. When I was in Crete in summer with some friends we arrived at Chania by ferry. But another option is to get a quick flight out there. Once we got there we headed out to the west coast where we rented a house for about €20 a night without own private beach. You just can’t beat that!

This is only one part of Crete and there are hundreds of things to do on Crete. It just depends on what you are looking to do. From restaurants to water sports, from relaxed beaches to an islands that is starting to get known as Europe’s new party center!

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Best Cities For A Summer Holiday In Europe

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