Here are 5 Tips on how to maximize your frequent flyer miles so you can travel for free or very cheap!

  • The most important thing is to put absolutely everything you possibly can on your credit card and preferably with American Express. It depends on your country but generally you will always get a Visa or Master Card plus an American Express card and when you use the American Express card you get at least 50% more points but usually double the points.
  • Don’t pay cash for anything! Card it All! From the $2 you spend at the supermarket to all the monthly bills. Most credit cards allow around 30 days interest free payment terms so you can just pay you card off every month. It just depends on what’s more important to you. How to find cheap flights combined with points or using your card for everything?
  • I know my average living costs would be around $3,000 each month (when I’m home in Australia) so if you put everything on American Express that’s a good 72,000 points right there for doing nothing special. That’s a long haul return flight in economy class for doing nothing extra.
  • Look for other services that give you extra points. When I was back at home in Australia I had my internet connection linked in for extra point each month. Just go and find out all the stores that are related to you rewards program, shop with American Express to get you double points and then for every $1 you spend at the partner stores you will get 1 – 5 extra points each year for buying the things you need anyhow. This can easily amount to another 10,000 to 50,000 points each year. No bad is it? This will get you a one way flight that is a good 4 to 5 hours flying time.
  • Make sure you’re on the email list for your rewards program. They will send out special offers with new partners and their own promotions and not only will you learn how to find cheap flights but there are generally physical cash discount offers also.
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