London is fantastic with endless sights to see, pubs to check out, restaurants to sample and just overall a great city. But what if you have been in London for some time and still want to see more of England before heading out to see the rest of Europe?

Well here a few great day trips you can take that are not really that far from London.


A great day trip from London is the mysterious and magical Stonehenge on Salisbury Hill. The history behind Stonehenge is still unknown and might never be discovered.

Is it a burial ground, religious temple, an astronomical clock or something completely different? Take a day trip out and decide for yourself. It easy to get to Stonehenge as you simply need to get a train from Waterloo and then get a short bus one in Salisbury.

Salisbury Cathedral

After Stonehenge it’s worth heading out to Salisbury Cathedral as you’re already in the Salisbury region.

Salisbury Cathedral has been known to have one of the most amazing medieval cathedrals in all of the UK. A monolithic structure itself when you walk outside the border and when inside you will also find one of the most important documents of all time, the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta has been claimed to be the origin of law, democracy and liberty as we know it today.

Make sure you also check out the town of Salisbury while you are there. You will find lots of restaurants to get lunch at and have a quiet drink.


Getting to Bath from Salisbury is a good addition and can still be done in the same day as it’s only about a hour away. Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so it’s well worth a visit.

Housing the UK’s only natural hot spring why not take a dip and sit in the hot springs in a Roman temple and spa. To get to the spa you will need to cross the Pulteney Bridge and over the Avon river. Once across the bridge the bath house is only a few minutes walk.

Then head back to London. Or perhaps stay in Bath for the night and go further into England and explore some more. Bristol is a short bus or train ride away or if you headed south you could see some or even all of the ‘mouths’ such as Plymouth, Weymouth or even Portsmouth.

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