London in one day. Can it be done? Definitely! If you are just starting your trip and have a day in London before you head to main land Europe or if say you get into London in the early hours of the morning and are flying out later in the day it really doesn’t matter. There is a lot to do in London with only a day or even less.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been to London on both hands anymore. So from all the times I’ve been here are a few things I would say you must check out during your short stay on top of doing a quick day trip out of London.

Parliament Square and Big Ben

No matter where you are in London it’s going to be very easy to get to Parliament Square and Big Ben as it’s literally right next to a tube station. Hope on the tube and jump off at Westminster.

Wander around the area and grab a few snaps and as we are pressed for time with a short trip it’s time to head off to the next location!

Trafalgar Square

It’s easy to get to Trafalgar Square from Parliament Square. Just head north on Whitehall or for about 500m and you will see the square in front of you. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to walk and you can even stop by Downing street on your way through.

Once you get to Trafalgar Square you will notice the massive column in the middle of the Square. This is Nelson Column that was a built as a tribute to Lord Nelson and it’s definitely something that’s worthy of a photo opportunity!

You will also find a number of interesting buildings that are around the square and if you wander a little further away from the square you will find quite a few places to stop by for lunch.

London Eye

Fancy an awesome view of London that will give you a great photo opportunity and some great memories. Well head over to the London Eye!

The London Eye will actually take about 30 minutes to spin around so site back, relax and enjoy the view.

It’s easy to get to the London Eye and I recommend you simply walk. From Trafalgar Square head back to the river down Northumberland Ave and once you hit the river you will see the Eye on the other side. It’s as simple as that!

So that’s it! This should be a good few hours wandering around London. Sure you could rush this all in two hour’s but even if you only have 6 hours that you can spend within London before getting you flight spend a few hours checking out these sight.

And make sure you stop off at a restaurant for lunch, a pub for a drink also and finally walk down some random streets and get a bit lost! You will never be more than a few minutes from a bus stop or a tube stop so you will be able to get back to where you need to go with ease. By just wandering aimlessly around new cities is the best way I’ve found to explore a new place in my years of travelling.

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