Welcome to Euro Travel Life!

Euro Travel Life is the brainchild of Dominik Mikula. An avid traveler whose favourite place on the entire globe is Europe. Dominik has been on the road for years as he runs his businesses online without the need of a fixed location. This has allowed him to travel Europe extensively. He has lived in many European cities and explored most of the continent. Originally from Australia but now he calls home to a small beautiful mountain town in Bulgaria called Bansko.

Dominik’s mission with Euro Travel Life is to bring you all the information you would possibly need to plan your perfect trip to Europe.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a five star holiday visiting luxury hotels and resorts. Be it camping in the wilderness. Be if a modest family getaway. Be it a gap year or a budget trip using hostel for a week or even six months. It doesn’t matter what you’re planning the mission of Euro Travel Life is to be a one stop shop you need to figure out everything yabout travelling to Europe.

Even if you’re already in Europe and are looking for some travel tips about a particular city you’re currently in. We have you covered.

Now this is our end goal and true mission here. It will take time so please bear with us while we ramp things up for you and get everything in place. Nevertheless what you find here right now is priceless information that will definitely help you plan your next trip to Europe.

Here is a fun fact. Euro Travel Life actually started in late 2013 but due to other commitments Dominik had at the time it stayed quite stagnant. Now in 2017 a huge focus has been put on expansion so stay tuned as lots of great things are happening here!

Dominik and team,
Euro Travel Life

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